THE UNIFIED FIELDS - NoMad Hotel, Los Angeles

Unified Fields 7_s.jpg

The Unified Fields is a multimedia exhibition by French artist Sebastien Leon. presented by Please Do Not Enter for the NoMad Hotel in Los Angeles. Through three complementary artistic interventions, the installation pays homage to Los Angeles, the city where Leon has settled since 2015.

The most visually arresting aspect of the installation – Blue, Red, and White –  consists of a trompe l’oeil painting covering the entire walls and ceiling of the gallery. The mural blends the French and American national flags, which are transformed into boundless mapped perspectives.

The installation continues with Hollywood, a custom speaker playing Leon’s own looped version of Los Angeles cult songwriter David Crosby’s song Orléans, in which he chants an esoteric recital composed of the names of forgotten towns located near the tranquil and remote French city of Orleans. Originally from Orleans, Leon plays a mirror version of Crosby’s song, titled “Hollywood”, in which he intones the places around Los Angeles in which he finds insight.


The journey finishes with Echoes, a video showcasing a sequence of Leon’s abstract landscapes of Los Angeles, coupled with fly-through animations extracted from scans of his paintings.

The Unified Field becomes a hypnotic, vivid, and idiosyncratic tribute to LA, bringing the viewer through the journey that took Leon from his native France to Los Angeles, California.