3 Brass Sculptures, Electronic Sound System - 10' x 6' x 6' - NEF, Istanbul, 2012


The Golden Horns are a permanent large-scale sound sculpture located in an Istanbul high-rise tower. Composed of intertwined brass pipes inspired by a French Horn, the installation runs vertically through the building, piercing the infra-structure to carry its intrinsic sounds coming from the the ground floor bazaar, the parking garage, the water pipes, the cinema, the lobby etc.

Navigating through the pipes, visitors can either isolate specific sounds or listen to the multi-channel soundscape. Sonic filters and digital harmonizers alter the sound waves in real time, offering a unique experience at every single listen. All the pipes, electronically tuned in the E minor scale, turn random noises into the soundscapes of a continuously improvised symphony.

The Golden Horns culminate with a site-specific installation on the observatory of the building located on its thirty-fifth floor, allowing visitors to listen to the life of the tower while admiring the cityscape of Istanbul in a room composed of windows and a a tessellation of angled mirrors.