Steel structure, aluminum tubes, resin cylinders, wooden balls, rubber rings - 7'10" long x 8'2" tall x 5'2" wide , Edition of 3 - Plaza Athénée, Paris (France), 2014


The Carileon is an outdoor musical sculpture at the crossroads between church bells and wind-chimes. Its name is derived from the French word "Carillon", a religious musical instrument housed in a belfry and composed of at least twenty-three bells. It is composed of a series of aluminum tubes varying in diameters and lengths, each containing a wooden ball connected to a resin cylinder. The bells can be played serially to produce a melody or together to form a chord. 

The sculpture operates musically on two levelswhile the wind swings the tubes against the balls and plays clear sounds, the tubes are also meant to be played with felt mallets by a musician, creating soft melodies. These two musical dimensions allow musicians to play a seamless melody together with nature.



Jinlap performance at Sebastien Leon's studio in New York (2015).